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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by Microsoft: The use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning (ML), technologies help people and organizations handle customer personalization and communication, data analytics and processing, and a host of other applications continues to grow.

An IDC report found three-quarters of commercial enterprise applications could lean on A.I. by next year alone, while an Analytics Insight report projects more than 20 million available jobs in artificial intelligence by 2023. Due to A.I. and ML’s transformational reach, specialists with the right skills could find themselves with job opportunities across a wide range of industries. A global skills gap in the Cavalier College Offering India's First & Only Defence Services Selection Program Training Integrated With University Degree & Microsoft AI, ML, Robotics & Apple Swift Programmes For Academic Year 2022-23

technologies means qualified applicants can expect good salaries and a strong bargaining position. There will be growing opportunities for A.I. and ML specialists in public safety, banking and fintech, and healthcare.

Data collection and preparation, as well as data analytics expertise, could end up the most in-demand skills when hiring for artificial intelligence. Organizations need to hire individuals who can identify the correct training data and annotate the data accurately. They need talent that can maintain growing training sets and analyze the data to create targeted datasets for customized model generation. Job Roles: Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Research Scientist, Data Analyst, Software Architect, Full stack developer, AI Engineer etc.

Robotics by Unity:

Robotics is a dynamic field which involves designing, maintenance, programming etc of software and hardware used for automation of various process across industries. Robotics finds its use in fields like medicine, defence, transportation, manufacturing, production and many more. There are multiple career options available in the field of Robotics.

Job Roles: Robotics Programmer, Robotics System Engineer, Design Engineer, Product Design Engineer, Test Engineer, etc. Swift Programming by Apple: The world started shifting to a mobile-first mindset 4 to 5 years ago. Now apps are becoming interchangeable with programs and so we’re curious what that transition is going to look like, both for users and for developers. Mobile developers will be able to build for both desktop and mobile simultaneously. Statistics show the cumulative Apple App Store earnings of mobile app developers as of January 2020 is 155 billion dollars and growing. As of the last reported period, Apple had paid a total of 155 billion U.S. dollars to iOS app developers. A year ago, this figure amounted to 120 billion U.S. dollars. Swift Programming Language is today regarded as one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world. Swift is already there amongst the top 10 programming languages. There is no denying the fact that Swift, a free and open-source programming language has quickly moved up the ranks and emerged as one of the most loved programming languages in the world. If your aim is to make it big in the world of iOS application development or create apps in a breeze on Apple’s popular tvOS, watchOS, and macOS, then you must learn Swift programming language.